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10:19 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 201 )

So I was setting up my Identity Theft Protection and after putting my basic information, I got this to show up. I freaked out a bit reading the word Fraud, thinking my identity was stolen. I called up Legal Shield and a gentleman named Roy helped me out and asked if I bought anything with credit or own a house or car. I told him I haven’t yet and he told me that the reason the website probably said that was because I dont have a credit score yet. But he’s sent my information anyways to the bureau and they would contact me to let me know what’s going on. 15-30 minutes later, I got a call back saying everything’s fine and the only reason is that I dont have any credit to monitor but if my identity is stolen then I will be alerted. Definitely very happy to have a peace of mind with Legal Shield! :)

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10:11 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 200 )

My 200th day! :) Wow, how crazy is that! 166 days more to go!

I got lunch with some top leaders in the business and got a BUNCH of nuggets from them. I was nervous being around them at first but I got so much more than what I  was asking for. They definitely gave me a lot more perspective on how I should hit my goals. After that, I brought my friend Jessica to the Carlsbad briefing and actually shared my testimony on stage. It was a great day and night :)

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10:06 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 199 )

I waited for 2 hours to meet with the counselor at school today and in those 2 hours, I made new friends. One of them is Anthony and he’s cool. We got a well deserved lunch after those two hours. Haven’t had Wings n Things in forever! 

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09:57 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 198 )

I must always want to grow myself from the inside out to attract the things I want. I must become a more valuable person in all aspects of my life.

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09:55 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 197 )

  • On top of reading Think and Grow Rich, I’m also reading Wisdom for a Young CEO by Douglas Barry. When he author was 12 years old, he sent letters to CEOS of top companies asking what it took to become a CEO, a majority of them wrote back to them and it surprised me how the qualities to be a great CEO are qualities that I’m learning on how to be a great leader in the business; which are passion, respect for people (adding value to their lives) and having vision. I’m enjoying the read so far!
  • I went shopping with Tammy to help her buy dresses! She rarely goes shopping for dresses so it was an honor just to help her out
  • I met up with Jezyle after shopping and church to give her back her shoes and she gave me a lot of goodies from Comic Con since she was working there. One of them were tattoos from twilight and I have Jacob’s tattoo. If you look closely, they’re actualy wolves on it. Never knew!
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09:47 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 196 )

Went to my dentist appointment, got carne asada fries and got a library card. What was the most exciting part of my day? Getting a library card! It feels great to know I am the 2% of the whole population that owns one. And they’re free! ;)

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09:45 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 195 )

Went hiking in the morning with a couple of friends up in Torrey Pines. It’s a lot easier than Cowles but the view of the ocean is just beautiful. I love the ocean and the sound of the waves. It’s very relaxing :)

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09:43 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 194 )

So I’ve been wearing a ring lately and I’ve been asked every now and then if I’m married haha. I learned from a business partner and a leader that the reason why I wear a ring is so that when I approach other men, I dont come off a certain way.

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09:39 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 193 )

Finished Think and Grow Rich and now reading this book. I am in LOVE with it. I am a high achiever! :)

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09:38 AM . 20 July 2012

DAY ( 192 )

The man, the myth, the legend, Brian Carruthers presented at our briefing tonight! It was quite an honor.